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Covid-19 Update 


Every morning we all wake up to a new reality as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves.  It continues to affect our lives and organizations in ways we never could have imagined. I wanted to take a moment and update everyone with the recent announcement from Governor Inslee on Friday, April 24th.  Let us first start out and say the safety and well-being of our employees, their families, our partners, and community remains our highest priority.  As much as we would like to consider Cutting Edge Kitchen and Bath as essential business, we have not been deemed essential according to the benchmark that the governor has in place.  This includes the showroom as well as the remodel sides of our business.

The governor signed into immediate affect on April 24th the Proclamation 20-25 - Implementation of Phase 1 Construction Restart.  This mandate overrides the prior guidelines related to construction from the essential business list and allows for activities that meet the low-risk threshold of 6 foot distancing to operate.  The governor worked with representatives from multiple areas of construction and developed the Phase 1 requirements that apply to ALL construction activities in Washington.  At this time he has given no indication when Phase 2 might be implemented or the restrictions removed to allow us to return to work as normal.  I truly wish there was something that we could do to go back to work as normal, but at this time we have been instructed to adhere to the guidelines.  A direct quote from the Building Industry of Washington State says that "Failure to comply with the Phase 1 Jobsite Safety Requirements could result in a job site being shut down, potential legal liability, safety fines, or loss of license.”  


We know many of you have reached out to see when we can continue/start work on your project, and I am doing everything we can to get back to work.  You are not alone.  We have some customers that have been without a kitchen, bathroom, or both for weeks.  I also realize that because of the pause on construction this is pushing your project back further and further.  We have been working to come up with a plan as soon as the governors guidelines were posted online that will allow us to get back to doing remodels and adhere to the guidelines.  To be honest this is not easy task because of the requirements and new forms and protocols that are supposed to be on every job site.  Some of the guidelines are difficult because of the nature of our work.  The governors plan is geared more toward areas of construction that is either outdoors, can be completed by keeping employees 6 feet apart, or can be done by one person.  These examples would be, but not limited to, framing, roofing, foundation, dirt work, etc.  Prior to recommencing work on a project, all contractors are required to develop and post at each job site a comprehensive COVID-19 exposure control, mitigation, and recovery plan.  The requirements are we are required to meet are on the Building Industry of Washington State if you would like to see them. We are working on that plan now, but we are asking for some clarification from Labor and Industries so that we can get back to work safely, and as soon as absolutely possible. The supply chain in severely disrupted we are monitoring this very closely to determine where product currently is at and when we can expect to see it.  We do not want to start a project that we cannot finish with most of the products and leave our customers without a kitchen or bathroom for any extended period of time.


Our goal has not changed nor is it undeterred in that we will finish each of our project that we currently have and ones that we will sign coming up, but we am very aware of us coming in and out of your home could expose you and your family to COVID-19 and that is something that we cannot risk.  This virus knows no boundaries.  Our team has already had 1 that had the virus, thankfully he has fully recovered from the virus, but he says that it is brutal and nothing like anything he has ever experienced.  


Although our showroom and construction team is not able to work we are looking forward to the day that we can resume normal life and get back to serving our customers.  No one could imagine this or have the foresight to see something like this happening to our world, but we are committed to our families, customers, and community.  We know that we see stories everyday of people that have lost their job, business needing to close, and unfortunately the loss of friends and family members.  We are experiencing the same thing and know you are not alone.  We are small family business and take our commitment to the safety and health of you and your family very seriously.  We will get through this, but we will must get through it safely.  


~The Cutting Edge Kitchen and Bath Team

As everyone is well aware the COVID-19 virus pandemic changes on a daily basis, and we at Cutting Edge Kitchen and Bath are dedicated to our primary focus of the protection, health, and safety of our employees, customers, vendors, and their families.  

We are monitoring the situation very closely and are basing our decisions on the information and recommendations given to us by our local, state, and federal government officials.  

At this time we have taken important measures to limit the exposure of our team members as well as the exposure of those coming into showroom and our team going into homes.  Here are some of the measures that we are currently taking to follow the "Stay Home. Stay Healthy" mandate given to us by Governor Inslee.

  • Our entire Showroom Team is working from home ready to meet with customers and collaborate remotely.

  • Our Install Team is not working in any homes until we are cleared to go back to work by the governor.  If you have an emergency please call 425-367-3629 so we can assess the situation and resolve it immediately.

  • We have closed our showroom for the time being and will reopen when we are allowed.  Please utilize our video conferencing capabilities as an incredible alternative. 

  • When necessary and allowed we have employed best practices in our offices/showroom/and install areas.  This includes hand washing stations, no handshake policy, and stay home if you or your any family member is ill.  We are also practicing social distancing with customers while in their home.

  • We are screening each customer before we go to their home to ensure they or any one in the home has not been ill.

  • We are requiring all vendors to adhere to the same policies when delivering material.

  • We are rescheduling all in home visits and are utilizing video conferencing.

Based on these actions we feel we are adhering to the guidelines given to us by the local/county/state/federal government officials.  We feel by staying ready to engage, just in a different way is the best way to see this situation through to the very end.  Even though projects are delayed at this time we will finish all projects as soon as absolutely possible.  


We understand this can be inconvenient, but we appreciate your patience as well as your understanding while we all navigate this time in our community, country, and all over the world. 

We are monitoring each day the changes and information coming from the governor and the president regarding when we can open back up and look forward to that day as soon as safely possible.  The health and safety of our employees, customers, and community must remain our highest priority.

Please stay safe and healthy!!


The Cutting Edge Kitchen and Bath Family

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